* 16’ x 24’ live room with 16’ vaulted wood ceilings, radiant floor heat and a hepa filtered ventilation system. 

* 12’ x 16’ control room equipped with Burl Audio B32 Summing amp / B26 Monitor control & Mackie MCU

  1. * nice selection of studio microphones, pre-amps, Demeter tube spring reverb and compression.  

  2. * Mac Pro with 16 gig ram running Logic 9 with 16 channels of Lynx Aurora conversion and UAD-2 plug-ins .

  3. * refurbished Tascam 38 1/2” eight track tape deck.

  4. *1885 Weber Piano - Brazilian Rosewood Upright Grand

  5. *1962 Hammond B3 with 122 Leslie - Mint condition

  6. *

Although I do have modern digital recording equipment, my goal is to produce music the good old fashioned way, where the music comes first; as live and direct as possible.

                                                                                               -   I’m  an analog guy in a digital world

If you are interested in having me produce and/or record your project please contact me for details.

I am always happy to discuss pre-production needs and concerns.


Clients include;

Music Production & Recording at Toolshed SoundLab

    I offer music production & recording services at a comfortable studio in Port Townsend, WA.

the ceiling for the studio control room was built by Niels Holm. I am grateful for his contribution

to ToolShed SoundLab.

Suzy & Eric Thompson

Maria Muldaur

Tyva Kyzy

Hot Club Sandwich

Crow Quill Night Owls

Gallus Bros.

Below the Salt

Inkwell Rhythm Makers

Like A Child / Level Bros.

Mark Pearson / Bothers Four

Port Townsend Community Choir

Elaine Noel

The Aimees

Rattletrap Ruckus

Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons

Clay Bartlett

Sam Doores

Deobrat Mishra

Shady Grove

Brett Pemberton



Jake Wolf

Daniel Mackie

Usana / Love Doll Swinger

Linda Vale

Mille Ulla Ruud

Stubby / Brian Stabile

Faith Pray

Paul Chasman / Last of Us Soundtrack

Sky Ride - Brenda Hunter & Mary Tullin


Pete Toyne

Mold On The Rye

Dave Sheehan

Dukes Of Dabob


David Cooper

Alanna Dailey

“Recording at ToolShed SoundLab was an exceptionally easy and satisfying experience, and after four decades of making records, that's really saying something!  

The room itself is a great-sounding space, high ceilings and with many instruments hanging on the walls.

George got great sounds on all of our many different acoustic instruments, the best we've had for a long, long time; taking the time to really listen and adjust until each miking setup was optimized for its particular instruments.  

His experience as a luthier makes him extra-attuned to the sounds of the instruments.

George is so easy to work with - friendly, professional, relaxed, and an excellent communicator.  

Even the rough mixes sound good!”

Eric and Suzy Thompson

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